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Do the musicians have credentials?

Absolutely. Every musician we work with has received extensive formal training.  Many possess college or professional performance degrees.  


Frequently asked questions




What will the musicians wear at my event?


Unless otherwise specified, the musicians will wear concert-black attire. This means they will each be dressed in semi-formal black attire from head to toe.  But feel free to ask us to wear whatever you like.  We would be happy to match your wedding colors. 


Will the musicians attend a rehearsal?


Generally, this is not needed.  However, should you require particularly unusual music, timing, and/or services from us we have a package option for that. 


My event is outdoors. Will the ensemble play outside?


Yes.  We play outside, with reasonable accommodations.  Appropriate cover and shade is needed to ensure the protection of our instruments. 

When will the ensemble arrive for my event?

Typically, the ensemble will begin playing 15 minutes prior to the start of your event. We generally need to arrive around 10-15 minutes before playing in order to tune, double check any details with an event coordinator, and set up.  Thus, you can expect the musicians to begin arriving 20-30 minutes before your event starts. 



What do I need to provide during the event?

You will need to provide each player with a chair without arms and enough space to play their instruments.  We will bring our own stands and music.

While we can play the heck out of your traditional wedding/special event pieces, we love to get new songs! Let us know what you're thinking and we'll try our level best to make it happen.  Generally, there will be an extra charge for any request that requires us to purchase and/ or learn new music. But- not to worry- given enough time we will hunt it down for you, do the ordering, and simply add the amount into the contracted price. 

What if I have special song requests?


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